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We have a large range of different embroidered polo shirts available in various colours.

Various coloured Embroidered polo shirts with logo on breast, on top brands such as 'Fruit of the Loom', 'Jersey' and more. In the modern business world, its quite acceptable to use branded logo polo shirts as uniform and thats not just 'Dress down Fridays' either.

So why not have your companies logo turned into embroidery, and branded onto top quality corporate embroided polo shirts. We have highly skilled, experienced embroidery people who have produced thousands of embroidered logos on clothing, Fleeces, Polo shirts, hats, overalls and even baseball caps. Of course the garments are good quality too.


Branded Embroidered Polo Shirt Custom Embroidery


Our Polo Shirts are not cheap, but the cheapest prices in the UK and with no minimum order you can't go wrong.

Contact us and we WILL beat anyone for quality and try to beat them for like-for-like price embroidered polo shirts online quote form.

We are not only suppliers of logo embroidered polo shirts that are used as company uniforms. But we also supply High Visability Vests with screen printed logos and many other corporate clothing items.

Lots more corporate work wear here similar to the embroidered polo shirts.



There is a wide range of clothing items available from hats to socks and everything in between.

Clothing is a fantastic way of creating your own exclusive company uniform and corporate identity through your staff. It can also help to promote yourselves at exhibitions, using items such as caps for freebie promotional giveaway.

We have supplied Embroidered Polo Shirts to Businesses as Company uniforms, shops, sports clubs, school uniforms, promotional events, exhibitions, charities and other organisations.

Every embroided polo shirt, fleece or work shirt is a high quality garment and the embroidery is custom stitched with care. You can easily see a garment that has been professionally embroidered and clothing that has been embroidered poorly (the logo can be uneven or the clothing looks bunched).

If you buy CHEAP, you will need to buy TWICE.

Please see our new range of High Visability Jackets all can be branded with your company details and also the Personalised High Visability Vests. STAY SAFE, STAY SEEN !

Our School Uniforms are great examples of clothing for the children.

Click below to see how an embroidered school crest can be branded on uniform clothing.

School jumper with embroidered logo, School tie with embroidered crest and our School blazer with embroidery.

Other names for Embroidered Polo Shirts include: Logo Polo Shirts, Branded Polo Shirts, Embroided Polo Shirts, Polo Shirts with Logo, Embroidered Tee Shirts, Embroidered Tops, Shirts with Logo, Polo shirt Uniforms, Polo shirts with Crest or Emblem, Customised Polo Shirts, Bespoke embroidery on Polo shirts and more.

There are many different names for this promotional item which can advertise your Business name every day.