Chroma Easel Desktop Calendar

Chroma Easel Desktop Calendars for 2017

Hand out as a company freebie and gain 365 days a year advertising in the customer's office


Our Chroma Easel Desktop Calendar is a popular easel calendar designed to sit neatly on the customers desk and expose your Company's brand-name and logo 365 days a year. Amongst the many different designs that we have available to you is our Desktop Calendar. Our Chroma Easel Desktop Calendar is a very handy little Calendar indeed. Not only does it let you tear out the pages of each day gone by, it is also a very clever little advertising tool.

Have your business details and company logo printed onto the front of our Chroma Easel Desktop Calendar - then all you do is give them away to your staff, customers and friends as a promotional or a Christmas giveaway. Then when they get out their new Desktop Calendar and put it on their desk, it will always display your business details and company logo to ensure you stay one step ahead of your competitors in the advertising market.

There are many ways to help promote your business so why not let us help. Advertising is an excellent opportunity and you should always take advantage of it if you can. So why not have a browse through some of our advertising Promotional items and if you decide that you like anything for a Christmas or Promotional Gift then please contact us and we'll get straight back to you.

We stock over a 1000 different styles of Calendar here at C L Promotions and also on our sister site, Calendar Lady Promotions.

If it ever starts to get a little confusing as to what sort of Calendar you should buy for who? Well why not just take your time and browse through our extensive range of Calendars here at C L Promotions and enjoy!!!