Environmentally friendly Eco products

Environmentally friendly Eco products

Our Environmentally friendly Eco products are now available from our new On Line department store here at C L Promotions and our sister site Calendar Lady Promotions.

How many times have you set off on a camping trip and forgot to pack batteries for your torch? Well your problem is solved with our Wind Up Torch or Wind Up Radio. Just click the link and you can pay with your credit card and receive your goods next day guaranteed.

More brilliant ideas form C L Promotions and our sister website Calendar Lady Promotions to make the environment safer for our children and grandchildren.

Freeplay Freecharge Weza Portable Energy Source
Freeplay Jonta Self Powered LED Flashlight
Freeplay Devo DAB Radio
Freeplay Freecharge Mobile Phone Charger
Freeplay Kito Self-Powered LED Lantern

Freeplay Sherpa Xray Wind Up Torch
Freeplay Summit Self Sufficient Solar Multiband Radio
Freeplay Freeplay Lantern
Freeplay Table Lantern

Please click any link above to view that product.

All products are guaranteed next day delivery and all products come highly recommended by the green party and will help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

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