Freeplay Flightcentre Cabinet

Freeplay Flightcentre Cabinet.

The Freeplay Light Centre provides the ultimate independent lighting solution for emergency and everyday situations. It is a wall mounted cabinet housing a bank of Freeplay wind-up and rechargeable LED flashlights. The unit is connected to an AC wall adapter, which provides a constant trickle charge to the array of flashlights. This ensures an optimum charge to the internal batteries of the flashlights at all times.

So forget all of those terrible camping trips that you went on as a child where someone always forgot to pack a torch or renew the batteries. Well that problem is non existent with our Freeplay Flightcentre Cabinet from C L Promotions and our sister site, Calendar Lady Promotions...

Our Eco Friendly Products from C L Promotions and Calendar Lady Promotions helping you to help the planet all products are next day guaranteed and all will help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

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