Umbrella company

Umbrella Company

Umbrella Company

C L Promotions are THE Umbrella company!

We can offer you the best prices, best quality and most importantly, simply the best umbrellas!

We have all the umbrellas here you can think of. From tiny, handbag sized umbrellas to massive golfing umbrellas, all branded up with your business details and company logo.

So contact your Umbrella Company today! Fill in the contact form or call 01989 780727 and we'll be happy to advise!

Umbrella Company

Many more personalised items from the number one umbrella company click here.

So have your company details a head above the rest and advertise your business details with our Umbrella Company today!

Remember that all umbrellas from the Umbrella company come with your business details and logo printed on, so in the rain, your advert will be a head and shoulders above the rest. Couldn't be any simpler...

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