Beach Time Products

Summer is finally here !!

Here at C L Promotions we have a vast range of various different Beach Time Products all printed with your Business details and company logo. So when your promotional Beach Time Products hit the Beach, so will your advert.

Imagine a hot summers day and you're lounging around on the beach with your eyes closed and the air is filled with children's laughter and coconut sun tan oil. Then when you open your eyes you see a number of beach balls bouncing around with your business details and company logo printed on. All those people on the beach will see your advert and remember your company.

It's just about the most cost-effective way of advertising your business details and helping to promote your company.

If beach balls aren't your cup of tea - then choose from our vast selection of Promotional Items.

                                        Advertising Beach Balls

                                        Beach Ball Freebies

                                        Beach Balls with Logo

                                        Beach Ball Giveaways

                                        Branded Beach Balls

                                        Business Beach Balls

                                        Classic Beach Balls With Logo

                                        Company Beach Balls

                                        Corporate Beach Balls

                                        Customised Beach Balls

                                        Imprinted Beach Balls

                                        Personalised Beach Balls

                                        Personalised Classic Beach Balls

                                        Promotional Beach Balls                                     

                                        Printed Beach Balls