2018 Calendars for Promotional Advertising

Advertise in 2018 with Promotional Calendars


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Promotional 2014 Calendars

Great advertising has never been easier....

You can reach a wide target audience using your logo branding and contact details at the top of each advertising calendar page. That puts your name in front of your audience for the 12 months of year 2018. The promotional calendars feature art, funny cartoons and exceptional photography from some of the worlds best photographers, allowing you to select the calendar theme that most appropriate to your marketplace.

This is the most cost effective Corporate Gift on the market. Value for money, always well received by customers, attractive on their wall or desk, giving great exposure to your brand and fantastic for customer retention.  Contact us regarding our Personalised 2018 Calendars and gain some valuable brand-awareness along the way.

Even in these days of new technology, with I-pads and fancy mobile phones which have a calendar on them. The quickest way to know the date and plan the weeks ahead is the wall calendar which displays you the information at a glance !

What makes promotional calendars so effective?

Firstly they gain fabulous exposure on a daily basis. A calendar on a desk can be quite a personal thing and in order to gain more business you need to catch their attention with something striking with some visual eye candy on your calendar, and provide a useful monthly overview throughout the year 2018.

Secondly, they last a whole year. what other promotional gift can last that long and provide you with the same quality ratio of advertising for your buck. than personalised calendars with your artwork and brand-name branding? Make a good first impression count and you'll be quids-in thanks to your savvy advertising skills.

We have many styles of calendars including our easel calendars, calendar pods and much more.  Some of our post-it note calendars utilise index tabs and personalised notes to pass on your advertising whilst doubling as many useful features in-one for your customers convenience. Get your customers to use this calendar effectively and you're advertising to the public too. It's not a bad idea to drop off your free calendar batch to local businesses in the high street as the general public can catch a glance of your advertising too - which is a win-win!